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Articles about Liposuction

Information about liposuction

10 Interesting Facts about Liposuction

Do you know what "doggyplasty" or "kittyplasty" is? Interested to know where the suctioned fat go after liposuction? Curious what are the most up-to-date liposuction techniques? Find the answers to these and many more questions here

7 Myths of Liposuction

The number liposuction procedures has been rising in the past decades. Such growth was achieved mostly due to the change in conception of plastic surgery and more accessible information. However, patients still address surgeons with old or incorrect information. Read more and bust the myths about liposuction

Preparation for Liposuction

If you decided to undergo liposuction, a realistic vision of your future body contour is one of the most important things. In addition, you should learn the reason why you have chosen this procedure. In some cases it is not your choice but the impact of family members or other people who are unsatisfied with your appearance. Read more about preparation for liposuction surgery

Recovery after Liposuction

Overall recovery will take about half a year. During this time you have to attend visits to your doctor in order to assess the progress of healing. Usually, unguents promoting this process should be advised as they make the scar less visible. Get more information about recovery after liposuction

Side Effects of Liposuction

Liposuction is aesthetic procedure performed with the aim to reduce the amount of fat tissue which does not normally respond to diet and physical exercises. Although it is the main result we prefer to receive, there are a lot of changes in the body due to mentioned surgical intervention. Find out what are the side effects of liposuction

Complications after Liposuction

As any surgical procedure, liposuction carries a risk of complications. However, the total incidence of risk is just slightly higher than 0.1 %, the ways to eliminate or decrease the rate of prevalence and incidence should be stressed during a consultation before the liposuction. Read more about possible complications after liposuction surgery

Liposuction for Men

Although it is commonly presumed that plastic surgeries are exceptionally the women’s prerogative, recently there has been a high increase in a number of men who decided to have a surgical intervention in order to improve their appearance.  One of the most common cosmetic surgeries that men prefer is liposuction. Get more information about male liposuction

Liposuction and Age

Convention affirms that the liposuction age starts at 18 years and may last up to the 40s, although in some cases, the surgery is performed to people well past their 40s. However, such surgeries are very uncommon and are performed only as a matter of medical emergency. Find out what is the best age for liposuction surgery

Liposuction and Cellulite

All of us have fat and we need it. Fat protects our organism and gives us indispensable energy deposits. Fat is indispensable for healthy organism functions. Cellulite fat is no different histologically than normal organism fat. It is just an aspect of the quantity of fat you have, how it is spread and to what volume it is compressed by fibers of connective tissue. Learn more about how liposuction can help treat cellulite

Liposuction and Weight Loss Expectations

The main aim of the procedure is to remove stubborn body fat which does not respond to diet and physical activity. Usually, body areas such as face, arms, abdomen, hips, thighs, buttock and even internal organs are altered. Read more about liposuction and weight loss

Liposuction and Diabetes

Liposuction is recognized as a fast and effortless way to lose a significant quantity of weight. However, biological risk does not disappear with weight loss. Though organism becomes lighter after weight loss operation it does not lead to a better metabolic condition. Find out whether liposuction may help cure diabetes