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Abdominal Liposuction

Abdominal liposuction is among the most popular cosmetic surgeries. It is a highly effective procedure for the body shape correction during which fat clusters are constantly eliminated from the abdomen. Read more about abdominal liposuction

Thighs Liposuction

Did you know that thighs liposuction is the most popular plastic surgery procedure all over the globe? Why is that?
Fat deposits in the inner and outer thighs are especially resistant to diet programmes as well as physical exercises. Get more information on thighs lipo

Flanks Liposuction

The invention of low waist jeans was a memorable step in the fashion world. Today it is hard to find a girl, woman or a man who would not have this particular item in the wardrobe. Despite stylish appearance these jeans bring they are also responsible for the formation of love handles. Considering flanks lipo? Learn more

Back Liposuction

Back is one of the most challenging areas to lose a fat surplus from. It may have accumulated after a sudden weight loss, due to age or genetics. The back is hard to work out and, therefore, it is hard to burn this particular fat in a gym or reduce it by following a diet. Back liposuction is a perspective choice to eliminate these persistent clusters of fat. Read more about back lipo

Arms Liposuction

Many people who have almost ideal physique, frequently grumble that the only aspect which makes them look undesirable is their own "bat wings" or the flab in the upper arms. This is actually the issue for many individuals, because unwanted fat in this area is challenging to eliminate. Find more info on arms liposuction

Knees Liposuction

Many people worldwide are plagued by irritating fatty deposits around the inner knee area. Usually neither diet nor exercise can make it go away. It is a result of heredity or the aging process. Although knees are not the first area most patients are considering when seeking liposuction, knee liposuction is getting more and more popular. Learn more about knees liposuction

Chin Liposuction

Chin liposuction is one of the least invasive plastic surgeries. A double chin may trouble anyone. The slack sagging skin and fat storage under the mandibular line may be caused by both age and heaviness. There are no chin exercises to try, because there are no muscles to train under the mandibula. Read more about chin liposuction


Gynecomastia is diagnosed when a man experiences the growth of unnaturally large breasts due to the overgrowth of breast tissue. If breast development is not caused by a genetic disease (i.e., Klinefelter's syndrome), then it is generally provoked by hormone imbalances. Are you troubled by gynecomastia? Learn more

Fat transfer

Fat transfer is a procedure in which surgeons transfer body fat from one part of your body to another. The purpose of this procedure is to fill volume-deficient areas of your face or body by using your own body fat. In other words, it is a great way to make the excess fat useful. Learn more