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Liposuction Clinic in Lithuania: Nordesthetics

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NordEsthetics is a private clinic located in Kaunas, the second biggest city in Lithuania. Kaunas is just 1 hour away from Vilnius which is the capital of Lithuania. There are international airports in Vilnius and Kaunas that are easy to reach from various cities in the UK and Ireland.

The clinic is equipped with modern diagnostic and surgical facilities, patients are looked after by professional English speaking staff.

After the surgery patients stay in private newly furnished rooms in the clinic where 24 hour nursing, satellite TV, air conditioning and cosy atmosphere is guaranteed.


Why Lithuania? | Credibility | Easy to reach

Why choose Lithuania for plastic surgery?

Modern and innovative treatment methods, professionals who regularly perform consultations in the UK and Ireland and who had undergone specialization trainings either in Western Europe or in the United States, much lower costs than in Western countries and a place which is easy to reach by plane from anywhere in Europe – these are only a few answers to the question - why you should choose Lithuania.

Credibility of the Country

Lithuania's CredibilitySince regaining its independence Lithuania has successfully made its way into Western family nations joining the EU in May 2004. Moreover, Lithuania was accepted into NATO in March 2004 and has been effectively participating in a number of operations. Today Lithuania is efficiently developing relations with its neighbours and other countries greatly contributing as a member of various organisations.

Easy to Reach
Lithuania is located in the geographical centre of Europe thus it is easy to reach by plane from any European country (the flight takes only 1-2 hours). Direct flights to Lithuania from the UK, Ireland, and other European countries are available.